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80W 18V poly portable folding solar panel for RV, Camping, or Boating

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Technical parameter:

Output power:        80W  
Operating Volt:       18V
Operating Current:  4.44A
Voc:                        21.6V
I sc:                          4.88A
511*589*76mm         1026*589*36mm
weight: 9.26kg
Package include:
1PC 80W poly folding solar panel




Quality assurance testing                                                    

Thermal cycling test
 Thermal shock test
Thermal/Freezing  and high humidity cycling  test
Electrical isolation test
Hail impact test
Mechanical, wind and twist loading test
Salt mist tes
Light and water-exposure test
Moist carbon dioxide/sulphur dioxide

1.Unfold the solar panel, expose the solar panel to south(inclination angle from 15-30 degree),

2.Connect the appliance to the load terminal of the connector

3.Conncet the male weather pack connector with alligator clips to the female weather pack connector from the controller

4. Clamp red and black alligator clips to positive and negative ends of the battery respectively.


For saving the self consumption of the controller, we design the controller without LED indicator,

if you are not sure the solar system is working, please measure the voltage of the battery

the voltage will increase continuously


Trouble shooting

the load can't work during the daytime

please try the following:

1. put the solar panel face to the ground( simulate night time)

1. disconnect the solar panel from the controller

2. disconnect the battery

3. disconnect the load

4. wait one minute for controller recovery

5. connect the load to the controller

6  connect the battery to the controller

7  connect the solar panel to the controller finally

8  wait 30 seconds

9  turn on the load

 Protection Function

         The solar controller have overcharge or undervoltage protection function for battery. When the charging voltage is higher than 14.4V , the controller will turn off charging  automatically ; When the battery voltage is lower than the protection voltage 10.8V , the controller turn off output automatically to protect the battery from damage .



    In the case of no load, do not connect the positive and negative.



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